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Countdown to Sleepover tasks

Countdown ended
Saturday, April 1st @ 8:00am





Next enrollment: TBA

Bulletin Board

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 18, 2013, 9:15 AM
Rules and FAQHow to JoinList of Students/ToplistPoint SystemBulletin Board

:star: This will serve as the area for news, announcements, other important updates and info~ Check here as often as possible~ :star:

UPDATE - February 19, 2016:The newly revamped Point System has been put in place and is now active as of this date.

UPDATE - January 1, 2016: There will be an enrollment on Jan. 15th. And the true deadline for the Secret Santa gifts will be on Jan. 6th.

UPDATE - November 4, 2015 & November 8, 2015: Points have been distributed after a time and will be kept updated every first of the month. The Communal Tales Task has been active and will run until Dec. 16th. The Secret Santa Task is up and active and will run until Dec. 25th until further notice.

UPDATE - December 18, 2013: As a reminder, chat events are daily and start at 8:00 pm (0 GST for those in Serbia)
Converted times:
2:00 pm EST (for those in the States)
7:00 pm GMT (for those in Europe around England)
3:00 am PHT (for those in the Philippines)

• From any of those times can you use the Time Zone Converter to figure out the exact time for your location, since some places are broken up into different zones.

:star: However, the always chat is open 24/7 for those who run different schedules and have to spend time  there earlier or later than the event start time. Have fun RPing and chatting until then~! ♥

UPDATE - December 14, 2013: For those unsure with Time Zones regarding the latest Group RP event, you can utilize the Time Zone Converter if need be. If you have further questions, feel free to direct them to our chat event organizer, fuumika, should the other mods be unable to ease any issue. Another notification will be sent out, during the event if members planning to attend were confused by the information.

There's also the option of camping out in the chatroom in the meantime, at the time best for you.

UPDATE - November 25, 2013: The final round of the The Pact Tournament has been extended to December 6 to accommodate for the Thanksgiving holiday.

UPDATE - October 13, 2013: The 2nd round of the The Pact Tournament end date has been extended to October 21.

UPDATE - August 15, 2013: The end date of The Pact Tournament has been now moved to the 8th of September if more preparation is needed.

Also a new sub folder for the Pact Tournament has been added to the Event folder in the Gallery. Be sure to submit future Pact Tournament related art to that folder. Thank you~ ♥

UPDATE - August 6, 2013: The start date of The Pact Tournament has been moved to the 10th of August to allow more time for preparation~

UPDATE - May 9,2013: The Genderbend Task has arrived~! Have fun switching those genders around~ :iconheplz:

UPDATE - May 4, 2013: Due to time zone issues and such, there has been an extension for enrollment. It will be from May 4th - May 8th. You may send in your join request with your application, instead of by note, please and thank you~ Our apologies to those of you that applied the first time and are still waiting. We haven't forgotten you darlings. Thank you so much once again and good luck to current and future applicants. :iconureshiiplz:

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To look back on recent Secret Santa gifts, a Secret Santa 2016 folder has been made available within the 'Events and Tasks' folder 

2 deviants said…
1 deviant said And of course thank you, fine students for participating! ♥


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